About Us

In 1937, L.P. Michelsen founded Michelsen Packaging Company in Yakima, Washington as a distributor of supplies for the apple and tree fruit industry. His abiding goal was to "provide exceptional customer service." Through the years, the company has grown to encompass many facets including the manufacturing and marketing of Jiffy® Macerated Produce Pads, Kushion Kraft®, Bubble Wrap®, Cell-Aire® Polyethylene foam, Vanguard Premium® cushioning material, SUN-DRY® and SUNBEAM® raisin trays, jumbo raisin paper rolls, molded pulp apple and pear trays and SIMS packaging equipment.

As a leading produce packaging manufacturer and distributor we represent several manufacturers of packaging products and equipment for the entire West Coast marketplace. Michelsen Packaging Company currently operates manufacturing and warehousing facilities in multiple Western U.S. locations. In Washington, we serve you in Yakima and Wenatachee. In California we serve you from our Fresno manufacturing plant.